Our Approach & Process

Our Approach & Process

Our Approach


Not invasive

We do not replace systems which are already installed in companies. We connect them and we search through them looking for connections and patterns in the events happening throughout the systems.



The player and the judge

Data is maintained by various people and with different purpose. Systems can not possibly be evaluating themselves, they are not aware of the context hence they only can provide information about their own actual state.



Interpretation and context

Saving logs, their systemization and aggregation is beneficiary but it is necessary to expand it more up until the interpretation of the situation. That means not only save the login and the IP address but also evaluate the context: client, the actual location of the computer, the existence of a requirement or a holiday leave etc.



The selection and the emphasis on the situation

ALTWORX is not trying to gather all the data. The main focus is on those situations which are relevant so it collects those pieces of information which are necessary for their tracking and evaluation.

ALTWORX process

Define and manage the environment Liven up the environment by real-time events Learn from the element’s behaviour Detect incidents and important events Evaluate