Cooperation Altworx & Altworx Cargo

Cooperation Altworx & Altworx Cargo

What is ALTWORX Cargo?

The Altworx Cargo extension compares planned and contracted tasks with reality. It enables us to find and define operational variables and parameters which effect the given model the most.

ALTWORX does not replace other operational systems but its technology and the knowledge how to apply it enables to find connections and based on the cause-consequence principle to create the above-mentioned decision-making platform.

Unique and non-trivial solution

Train cargo can only seem as given and predictable. In reality it is two worlds colliding, long term plans (contracts) and the daily reality. Both are defined by operational parameters, which are in fact variables (for example the Grafikon is given, but the real traffic is changed based on the lockouts). Those variables are detected by and are saved in different systems and a big part of them can not be influenced by the actual carrier at all (the condition of the road, clients readiness, the state of the train).

ALTWORX Cargo provides an opportunity to track the state and the deviations of given time variables. It also enables you to see the potential influence on the company itself which is crucial and which changes the current, seemingly rigid but indeed dynamic world.

ALTWORX Cargo Principles


The ability to capture critical situations

The ability to capture critical situations, which have data “fingerprints” in many systems and to track their evolution



To visualize each situation

To visualize each situation as a combination of a detail (which is necessary for its resolution and the audit) and wholecompany context (which is essential for situation assessment which has an impact on the company management)



Tracking in time

Constant detail and context tracking because both of them change in time



To interpret the situations from different perspectives

The ability to interpret the situations from different perspectives (with the same incident there might be different things which are relevant for each segment of the company – for example sales department will be wondering if customer’s needs were affected, operations will be interested in the train’s ID)



Validation of the input data

Continuous validation of the input data is an integral part of ALTWORX – it is the only way how to make sure the data is correct and how to improve their quality (not only in ALTWORX, but also in those systems the data come from)

ALTWORX Cargo modules

The aim is to merge data from operations and sales and to compare the plan and the actual results. That is why there are two ALTWORX modules – because there are two areas: Operations and Sales.



  • Driver’s shift optimization – this modules combines all information regarding train drivers and evaluates their shifts from the workload perspective
  • Boarding point and RG rides optimization
  • Staff optimization – depicts what is the daily workload of each profession in different stations. Main aim is to find the least and the most workloaded occupation
  • Fleet management – connects many systems which contain information regarding cars and connects them. This module depicts the costs, utilization, operability etc.



Sales department

  • Order’s evaluation and management – aim is to inform about them and help with problem solving
  • Management dashboard – global financial, commercial and operational summary. Summarizes the data from all other scenarios and provides an overview for the top managers

ALTWORX and ALTWORX Cargo cooperation

ALTWORX Processing Engine does not only continuously monitor ongoing processes it also sends warning to responsible people that something should be done about a given issue. It provides them with context of events so they could solve the situation as effectively as possible. Besides this ALTWORX evaluates, benchmarks, visualizes trends or sets the KPIs connected with the quality of problem-solving. Moreover, ALTWORX Processing Engine also shares actual states and fills in historical data which are presented in ALTWORX Cargo.