Components & its Principles

Components & its Principles

Processing Engine

ALTWORX processes events which are happening in given environment and brings it back to the objects. Moreover it does not work only with the current state of given objects, it deals with their own and their surrounding’s evolution


A combination of various sources

One of the ALTWORX principles is to have different sources of data income. ALTWORX then allignes the data according to the correct logical and time order. The input can include for example data from SQL database, rest API requirements or syslog. Each input is configured using so called acceptors.



Input data standardization

The input data come from different system and thanks to normalizer they are unified so the ALTWORX Processing Engine can work with them with no need to configure scenarios each time. Normalizer simply translates the data/messages so the scenarios can understand them.



Input data recording and play-back

Each message is recorded so they could be played back in case a configuration of a scenario is changed and you need to find out how would ALTWORX react to such changes.



Reconstruction of events, how did they actually happened

Data sources have to deal with various time delays. Working with the actual time, when did each event occur is crucial for managing and dealing with situations correctly. That is why ALTWORX does not use the wall-clock time (time which is set by the machine, which it runs on) neither the time, when did the message reach ALTWORX. The time in ALTWORX is given by the actual time when the incident happened.

Reality Network

ALTWORX Reality Network is dynamic storage which represents the real world. It captures the objects, their attributes and the relations between them just the way it works in the real world.

Everything can be an object

The object in the Reality Network can be a person, a computer, train, turbine, but also an application or a situation (incident), a funktion, process.


Real-time changes

ALTWORX Reality Network is a dynamic network developing all the time thanks to the notices from ALTWORX environment and ALTWORX Processing Engine calculation.



Our own database language AQL

We use our own database language to work with the asset map. It is called AQL (Altworx Query Language) and it provides an easy access to the structure of the network an any time to anyone.