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What is ALTWORX?

A tool which connects events from multiple systems in real time and detects situations that are worth paying attention to. It also helps to solve such situations.

Each separate application and system is unable to see the company as a complex or a network, to apply a holistic perspective. The reason is their specialization on a certain issue of the task which allows them to excel in that given part (but not in the whole).

Applications and Systems:

  • access and attendance-tracking systems manages accesses of people into buildings and their authorization
  • the register of work orders defines who should be working on what and when
  • economic systems control finances, invoices, cash flow
  • security systems recognize possible threats/imminencies in a computer, server, sensor logs
  • registration systems register information about current states of assets
  • CCTVs record the scene/scenery/image and detect events which are within their range/field of vision (detection of people, movements…)

None of the above-mentioned tools looks at the system holistically hence it is prevented from seeing and recognizing the following:

  • If the job, which was paid for, was or even could have been done
  • If the room which contains a crucial device was entered only by those who have a valid work authorization

ALTWORX deals with interdisciplinary situations which are happening in real time

  • Specialized single-purpose applications such as invoicing systems, security logs or ERP systems are meant to deal with specific tasks. But these are not connected with each other.

  • Big Data tools are designed to gather a big amount of data from different sources. The data is aggregated and using statistics they provide a tool for historical comparison of data.

  • Database querying and searching through logs can not help us with monitoring and controlling, they are not designed to do such and it is not effective to use them for it.

Components & its Principles

ALTWORX processes events which are happening in given environment and brings them back to the objects. Moreover it does not work only with the current state of given objects, it deals with their own and their surroundings evolution.

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Our Approach & Process

Our mission is to complete the tools companies already use with our unique product which can detect and display incidents in real time, it is not our aim to replace those systems entirely.

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Use cases

Based on cooperation with our clients and partners, several case studies regarding incident management have been developed which are enabling us to present the benefits and opportunities of our product on specific examples.

Cooperation Altworx & Altworx Cargo

The Altworx Cargo extension compares planned and contracted tasks with reality. It enables us to find and define operational variables and parameters which effect the given model the most.

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ALTWORX Credentials

ALTWORX solution installed at O2 detects security threats that may emerge during daily operations. ALTWORX O2 solution’s main focus is on suspicious login activity. Detected situations can be dealt with immediately and damage can be prevented.

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