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We need to understand what we are doing and we have to be able to display it…

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Altworx Reality is a software solution that detects incidents and interprets them in real time.

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Development of an unique system

We detect incidents and other important events

Solutions to situations

Altworx deals with interdisciplinary situations which are happening in real-time

System interconnection

We connect the systems you have and create a network of relations

Who We are & What We do

Reality Network

Processing Engine


Altworx deals with interdisciplinary situations which are happening in real-time. Our goal is to work with the data and put them into perspective based on the stream of the data which creates the surroundings.

Reality Network – ALTWORX is able to gather all the data and using the Reality Network display them as unique objects and relations in a graph. That enables to perceive the entire context of events as a network (of relations).

Processing Engine – ALTWORX upsurges each and every object in the network by running individual processes which are receiving relevant messages/notices from the surroundings for given object. This means that ALTWORX is able to process a big amount of data and run complex situations in real time.

Solution – Thanks to detecting complex situations in real time, ALTWORX is able to monitor and supervise them effectively.

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It is more than visualization and working with data. Thanks to our solution we are stepping into the next Industrial Revolution. We help you protect your data and run your company effectively.

Logistic & Energetics

By connecting those systems and picking the key indicators it is possible for companies to compare planned and real values.


We are able to detect and evaluate user’s suspicious activity in this area. We are still improving as we are gathering more and more data and we are responding to deviations of users in real time.