Improving decision making and reducing operational risk through the seamless and simplified union of functional, enterprise, IoT and Big Data Infrastructure.
At Altworx, we believe that creating value is dependent on timely and informed business decision making that requires not only retrospective BI analytics and data mining but, more importantly, reliable and scalable real-time control and operational data, delivered within proper context to critical stakeholders, wherever located.
The Altworx solution utilizes and leverages your existing infrastructure and data to model, validate, combine, manage and close information gaps as they arise. Altworx provides leaders with the confidence that in an increasingly complex world, their business, processes and data remain aligned and working as designed. Altworx enables businesses to scale, accelerate and support their managerial decisions over independent and/or dependent departments while at the same time mitigating the impacts of human or technological error(s).

Altworx empowers leaders by creating interoperability at the functional and enterprise levels regardless of source data.

Information technology assets (i.e. ERP, CRM, SCADA & SIEM) are largely “Function First” resources designed to deliver specific information to defined users. These Function First applications were not designed to support dynamic environments, leaving changing needs, requirements, user groups and use cases unaddressed.

The entrenched Function First approach prevents system Inter-Operability, or the effective and efficient sharing of data across systems in the real-time. Enabling system Inter-Operability is the most effective approach to address management's requirements and to quickly mobilize resources and data across distributed transactional, operational and functional landscapes and deliver unbiased analysis and action.

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Our technology was developed in accordance with a set of guiding principles:

  • Simplicity, Flexibility & Speed: Develop, implement and test in less than 30 days
  • Empower Users: Provide to user groups, at the functional and enterprise levels, with a customizable and intuitive UI
  • Realize Full Potential of Installed Systems: Optimize installed technology stack. Extend useful life and generate incremental return on investments
  • Scalability: Ensure efficiency as complexity and scale of data grows
  • Track, Trace & Store: Provide an audit trail, to and from, and archive events

Altworx creates real-time visibility into events that are either recurring or anomalous and individually or collectively impactful. Altworx utilizes a modular design, such that our process models and algorithms can easily be assembled, disassembled and reassembled to ensure that functional, cross functional and enterprise wide gaps in process, technology, security and communications are identified, tracked, traced, closed and archived.

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Our technology complements your existing data analytics infrastructure

  • Permits unidirectional data flows to explain non-linear behaviors
  • Allows specific data sets and processes to be analyzed to identify trends and supports data “mash-ups”
  • Real-time identification and notification of deviations from "standard"
  • Eliminates latency in determining the materiality of identified deviations
  • Reduces response time and mitigates the risks presented by human error

Our technology is highly adaptable and is built from a foundation of customizable modules that address particular processes, operational and data flows that easily fits within your internal logic, processes, perspectives and existing systems.

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Implementing Altworx is easy and efficient

  • No disruption to your daily business activities or plans
  • Components are assembled off site with no disruption to daily roles and responsibilities
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to buy additional hardware or make additional long term capital commitments
  • No need to port data to big data lakes, cleanse, clear or align master data
  • The modular design delivers a truly mass customized “out of the box” solution
  • Up-front design work and testing done off-site with bespoke deployment pursuant to your specifications
  • Always fits within your security infrastructure and corporate firewalls
  • Scalable and adaptable to address changing business conditions, the addition/subtraction of new technologies, acquisitions or newly identified threats
  • Quick to deliver results with preliminary output in ~10 days and refined algorithms and actionable results in ~30 days
Dashboards for Cargo Businesses
Dashboards for Utility Providers

Distinct departments, their leaders and employees tend to focus only on their specific tasks and processes, which is inherently a sub-optimal approach in delivering the best possible results from the company-wide perspective. Altworx is the conduit between all departments; providing a unified operating, technical, data and compliance models and validation frameworks.

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Altworx is successfully helping leaders create value across many industries and use cases

  • Utilities & Power
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • Petrochemicals
  • Others (Financial Services, Data Validation & Audit)

Altworx is an enterprise ready product with a powerful core. Altworx supports integration patterns, with a wide range of connectivity to external systems, to build custom models which represent physical or digital assets, processes or people. These models are real world representations of assets and processes used to validate, adjust and repair functionality across multiple information platforms with an intense focus on contextual detection of discrepancies.

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Altworx is currently being successfully used in these respected czech companies:
Altworx is creating immediate value in these four sectors:
  • Cohesive IT and security silos for compliance with physical and cyber security regulations over mission critical infrastructure and communication networks
  • Provides operations managers with instant visibility to anomalous events (individually and collectively) and situations that may lead to potential security threats
  • Provides senior leaders with oversight of capital deployed in the business through real-time dashboards & notifications of invoicing, purchase orders, other operating and capital expenses that directly impact corporate profitability
  • Unified solutions for intermodal and logistics firms, combining performance of physical assets with the monitoring of critical data from sensor, security and capital systems
  • Provides monitoring of asset utilization and efficiency with corresponding SLA compliance governing daily operations and performance metrics
  • Provides immediate insight into inefficient route operations, schedule changes and impacts on dependent functions/processes, fleet and asset utilization/planned and unplanned down-time, labor efficiency and unplanned overtime
  • Unified Solutions for Energy and Utility providers, combining physical security, sensor data and capital allowing real-time monitoring of operations, detection of complex security breaches
  • Provides operations managers with full visibility and oversight into real-time performance, the state of high risk/cost technology and other critical operational matters
  • Provides senior leaders with oversight of capital deployed in the business through real-time dashboards & notifications of invoicing, purchase orders, other operating and capital expenses that directly impact corporate profitability
Rapid deployment
Fits into existing IT infrastructure, we use pure data from the source
Demands no changes to existing processes
Supports collaboration and breaks down silos between departments
Gradual implementation
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